Our team

Kotelevskiy Denis

Kotelevskiy Denis is a founding partner of our company. He is Candidate of Legal Sciences, former Associate Professor of the Law Faculty of Omsk State University. He is also a former member of bar association (advocates) of Omsk region.


Law faculty of Omsk state university (1999)

Ural state law academy (2002)

Financial academy at Goverment of Russian Federation (2007)

International academic exchange at Tilburg university, Netherlands (2008)

Kotelevskiy Denis is a member of Rotary International, Paul Harris fellowship and past president of Rotary club "Omsk".

Fields of practice: litigation/ tax law

Repina Anna


Repina Anna is a lawyer. 


Omsk college of buisness and law (2004)

Oms state university (2008)

Fields of practice: litigation/ contract law

Gutkneht Tatiana


Gutkneht Tatiana is a lawyer.


Omsk state university (2015)

Fileds of pratice: litigation/ corporate law/ foundation&reformation of companies

Filatov Egor (1985-2017)


Filatov Egor had been one of founding partner of Law Firm Konstanta and executive partner before his tragical death.


Omsk state university (2007)